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tree challenge by sailormarymoon tree challenge :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 2 3 Castiel Cross Stitch by sailormarymoon Castiel Cross Stitch :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 6 0 Sam Bookmark by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 9 3 Sam Bookmark WIP#7 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#7 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 4 0 Sam Bookmark WIP#6 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#6 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 4 0 Sam Bookmark WIP#5 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#5 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 2 0 Sam Bookmark WIP#4 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#4 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 1 0 Sam Bookmark WIP#3 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#3 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 1 0 Sam Bookmark WIP#2 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#2 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 1 0 Sam Bookmark WIP#1 by sailormarymoon Sam Bookmark WIP#1 :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 1 0 Tri-Colored Fairy Tail Symbol Cross stitch by sailormarymoon Tri-Colored Fairy Tail Symbol Cross stitch :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 3 0 A photo for a Sailor Moon contest by sailormarymoon A photo for a Sailor Moon contest :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 2 0 Small Sailor Jupiter Cat by sailormarymoon Small Sailor Jupiter Cat :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 0 3 My second entry by sailormarymoon My second entry :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 0 0 My Transformation by sailormarymoon My Transformation :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 1 0 An Eon Later... by sailormarymoon An Eon Later... :iconsailormarymoon:sailormarymoon 0 0


Commission: Undertaker Dakimakura by Innervalue
Mature content
Commission: Undertaker Dakimakura :iconinnervalue:Innervalue 288 29
Persona 4 by jurieduty Persona 4 :iconjurieduty:jurieduty 797 36 Persona 4 cross stitch by Anim-Soul Persona 4 cross stitch :iconanim-soul:Anim-Soul 21 2 Fairy tail cross stitch by Wool-Alchemist Fairy tail cross stitch :iconwool-alchemist:Wool-Alchemist 24 10 Stitch For Syria by Superspud Stitch For Syria :iconsuperspud:Superspud 9 3 Sunset Bookmark by Superspud Sunset Bookmark :iconsuperspud:Superspud 16 2
Iwaizumi X Reader | Black Lines | Soulmates!AU
Soulmates!AU where the line on your forearm changes colour according to the other's emotions.
When you do puzzles, have you ever, by mistake, put two pieces together while they were not meant to fit? They weren't at the right place, but they still stuck together as if it was the right combination. If you lived such a moment, then you have the perfect picture for this story.
You were in the street, living the same life as many highschoolers around your age. You were heading toward a casual supermarket to meet with aquaintances, wearing casual clothes. You always considered yourself as someone absolutely casual, to which nothing really extraordinary would happen; and you were perfectly fine with that. The line on your forearm that indicated the mood of your soulmate changed colours as they were living their own life. It was not particularly happy, nor sad. You may meet them someday, you may not, it was the game.
But then.
You were about to
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 168 27
Queen and King Pattern by horrorfreakjuh Queen and King Pattern :iconhorrorfreakjuh:horrorfreakjuh 19 13
PE: How to customize cross-stitch patterns
Artisan Crafts Week
Posted on behalf of pinkythepink. Click for full size.
:icontalty:Talty 19 10
Izaya Orihara x Fem!Reader~Pleasing You
I can do this, it's just a kiss....with Izaya Orihara...shit why am I doing this again? Let it be said that you were not the best at mental preparation. You knew that ever since you met Izaya that you had some form of feelings for him. However, everything and everyone was telling you that he was just bad news, period. But your curiosity was greater than your common sense, and now you had completely fallen for the infamously irritating informant.
I just have to act like I normally do, I totally got this. That was the only thing moving you forward at the moment as you grabbed the books that Izaya requested and looked back at him. He was currently looking through the chat rooms and smiling at everything that was happening. He looked up for a second and stared directly at you, examining you and flashing you a smile that made you shiver with excitement. You broke his gaze with a blush and focused back on the books, unaware of him staring at your back and smirking.
:iconjack-sinister:Jack-Sinister 37 25
Snake x Reader: Your sweet mistakes. Kuroshitsuji.
    Beware some spoilers! Maybe...
    The lovely afternoon tea at the Phantomhive Manor. A soft breeze moved your (curled/straight) bangs as you took a sip of your warm cup and nibbled, afterwards, on a sweet. Ciel Phantomhive sat opposite to you, absorbed in his own snack, and seemingly not eager to start a conversation at the moment. Not that you minded, you knew he was a quiet boy, talking only when needed or when businesses were being arranged. And you weren’t in his mansion for that.
    A simple visit, you could call it, as an acquaintance of the young Earl ever since Elizabeth introduced you to each other. However, every time you came to spend some time with the boy, it would end with him politely excusing himself, claiming to be busied with studies at the moment. Again, you didn’t mind; being so responsible at such young age was the main reason your respect towards him was built up.
:iconpiratehero3:PirateHero3 36 41
Movie Date - America x Chubby!Reader - Fluffy
Movie Date
A Fluffy America x Chubby! Reader Story
It was starting to sound like a date from hell as you read over the text message on your phone and realised just what you had agreed on. Sure, your date was one of the funniest and boldest guys in high school not to mention the coolest amongst the jocks, but you were on edge. Being a chubby girl that was often so clumsy you spilt your lunch over those kinds of guys; going on a date with one was starting to sound like a set up.
Of course that was not really the case at all; Alfred Jones and you had been friends for years in secret! Ever other Saturday you’d met up in a local store that hosted card games on magic and challenged other players. Alfred was quite the nerd when he was in that kind of situation but of the entire building he was still the jock with muscles, confidence and charisma… even when he accidentally knocked his own drink down himself. But right now you were walking toward the local ci
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 59 11
Mature content
Misbehavior (Steve X Reader) [AU] :iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 58 14
Remus Lupin x reader
Remus x reader
AN: Just pretend Remus taught DADA in Goblet of Fire.  Reader is a professor as well.
"Now, don't forget.  The homework I have given you is as important as finding a date for the Yule Ball." Remus said and there were many groans after Remus had finished speaking.  Remus heard the groans and smiled.
Harry, Ron and Hermione hung back to speak to their favourite teacher.
Remus smiled at them, "Had any luck finding dates for the ball?"
Ron and Harry shook their heads while Hermione allowed herself a small smile which Remus noticed.
A thought occurred to Harry and he looked up at Remus "Do you have a date for the ball?"
Unless Harry's eyes were deceiving him, Remus looked smug and that wasn't a word Harry had ever thought he would use to describe Remus.
Ron cocked his head to the side, "You have a date.  Who are you taking?"
Remus, all too noticeably, checked his watch, "You'd better get to your next class."
*Time skip*
Your best friend, Aurora Sinistra, l
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 127 28
Mature content
Seto Kaiba X!Chunky Reader- Healing :iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 83 12
Pinky promise (Steve x Reader) One shot
2016, New York – After the events of Civil War (warning: Spoilers!)
You were biting your nails, looking at the news report that was broadcasted on every channel. The TV screen showed pictures of Captain America and Iron Man fight it out on an airport in Germany, the headlines underneath saying Steve Rogers had gone rogue and was considered to be armed and dangerous. You swallowed hard, watching your boyfriend of several years fight the people he had called friends only days ago.
    You watched the report in silent anticipation, not wanting to watch any of them get hurt, but unable to turn your eyes from the images that shot before your eyes. You had met most of them – were even friends with some – and you couldn’t believe it had come to this. You knew how much Bucky meant to Steve, but you had never thought he would sacrifice everything for his long, lost friend. Maybe even you…
    It had been several
:iconsavrom:savrom 190 68


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